April 17, 2021

Yung Yue 2014 autumn a large number of new listing around the United States welcomed the United States welcome you

Yung Yue Women's 2014 autumn new large number has been to the store, around the United States welcomed Yue beauty! Now for the pleasure of autumn posters and autumn new theme!

容悦 - Loyer.Mod 容悦2014秋装大量新款上市  各地容悦の美欢迎您的光临 容悦2014秋装大量新款上市  各地容悦の美欢迎您的光临 容悦2014秋装大量新款上市  各地容悦の美欢迎您的光临

Yung Yue Beauty US Autumn 2014 Product Season Product Description:

Theme one: elegant review ----- Simple, elegant atmosphere cut

This bustling world too much, staggered figure, pass by, she walked alone but she walked through, an elegant look back, so you stopped, gentle small Zou Ju pattern and delicate material romance out of a most beautiful Elegant encounter, low-key and luxurious navy blue and gorgeous memory fabric hit a new fashion.

Theme 2: Urban Elves ----- Featured fabrics, superb technical details

All so ethereal, free, unrestrained, carefree, happy time to spend in this relaxed and quiet atmosphere, colorful colors to the fantastic atmosphere back to the soft style, fresh and chic, fresh elements into the more Soft, this is a design carnival about color!

Simple and generous, fashionable, simple, elegant and fashionable, the design of "Rong Yue の Beauty" brand strategy is simple, generous, fashionable, ... Simple and streamlined outline set with soft, fashionable fabric and lace and other elements, the design of the package, popular elements include the design of the cloak and high neckline, And mop-style design style is also integrated into the popular elements. Unique outline and precise tailoring, narrow shoulder line out of the neat body lines, then the curve slowly outward, fall to the hem, the type of type is accurate and perfect, re-interpretation of the "Joy Yue の Beauty" 2014 Fall models women graceful.

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