May 15, 2021

Set Korean brand women's clothing store to share the importance of morning meetings

The image of the terminal store more and more pursuit of specialization, morning meeting is a routine routine for many shops, but the morning meeting is to achieve the desired effect? Set the Korean version of Shu-less equipment to share clothing store morning meeting the importance of.


1. Establish the morning meeting goal

The important contents of the morning meeting were set up, such as propagandizing the corporate culture, conveying the work plan of the higher level, reporting sales progress, praising, criticizing, training business skills, etc., requiring the manager to prepare the contents for the first day and fill in the contents of the morning meeting. The system is very practical and fine, but it does not mean that the result of implementation is just fine. In order to ensure the implementation is in place, leaders can be inspected and instructed on site as executive leaders. Make every morning meeting so that the morning meeting will really play its greatest role.


2. Every morning morning must be smooth communication channels

The smoothness of communication in the organization depends on the smooth flow of communication. The morning meeting, that is, in the shop to establish a smooth channel, establish an effective "lightning" mechanism to solve the corresponding problems, thereby enhancing the performance of the store.


3. Incentive clerks

The morning meeting is a platform that helps clerks drive out losers and play a positive role in success. They tell clerks that you will always support them so that they know that whatever happens, they will do everything they can to help them. By praising their performance, Staff to maintain a good state of mind.

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