May 15, 2021

Leather is also popular this year? Fall and winter seasons this year, what style of popular leather?

Leather can be described as the highest in the fall and winter season appearance of the classic single product, no matter what color, what style, under the fashion mix can wear their own unique charm, if your wardrobe is less a leather jacket, then Look at the following Xiaobian recommended for you with leather, can be used as a reference when buying Oh!


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Zipper and leather is a pair of the best partner, no matter who will be less inferior. This youthful and vibrant pink leather jacket with a slash zipper creates an irregular large lapel. The short version of the Slim Fit highlights the curvature of body lines. In the fall can be matched with floral dress and retro shoes, fashion and avant-garde, will not lose with any person Oh!


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Classic black leather jacket and white version of the T shirt with the most appropriate version of the lower body with black feet pants or bag hip pants, accompanied by a pair of black boots with the same color and black handbag, absolutely Let you become a bright spot in early spring.

Tencel is a kind of cellulose fiber, which is usually made by volume spinning. Tencel is made of wood pulp mainly made from conifers, which will not produce any derivatives or chemical effects during the textile process. Tencel is a safe and environmentally friendly fabric. Tensilk fabric can be said to combine the advantages of various fabrics in one, it has, cotton comfortablity, polyester toughness and silk soft pendant feeling. Tencel fabric is widely used, it can be used directly to weave clothes and bedding, or it can be blended with cotton, wool, cotton and polyester to enhance the strength and tactility of their fabrics. Tencel has strong hygroscopic property. When made into summer clothes, tencel can quickly absorb sweat from the body, making the wearer feel cool and comfortable. Tencel also has excellent comfort and a very silky touch.


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