May 15, 2021

A Jenny Women make stripes to more violent it

Streaks of this common element actually has a rich and colorful point of view to appear in all kinds of styles you want to match, but in order to match the unconventional is also need some skill, Jennifer Korean women then teach you how to match the wardrobe Inside the striped style.

阿珍妮 - AJENI

Add academic rigor to the stripe style, blow the stripe winds into OFFICE completely OK, take the straight lines with a H-profile suit, bring a formal feel with a tie shirt and Preppy shorts, and overuse formally with a female color Sense of neutral red jacket neutral tough coat, H lines to do the convergence, blue parcel echoes skirts, stripes and stripes back to the theme of stripes, dark tie shirt slightly striated lines with slightly striated wind at random, with color separation Waist line and skirt lengthened lower body proportion, ultra-thin transparent material increased affinity.

Streaks visually imperfect lines to cover up, shorts both neat and lengthened leg lines, but remember that if the dark colors are all clothing, be sure to choose the cool color accessories stand-alone break boring. Striped wind itself has the sense of freedom to bring the vitality of the autumn sense of rich artistic sense of a single product such as abstract design suits, canvas floral print skirts, pop-mural style dress is to add a lot of vitality imagination, even more Interesting, good grasp of the color ratio, not only does not have a sense of messy, but also cleverly modified the lack of body lines.

阿珍妮女装 让条纹来的更猛烈些吧

Retro printing stripe to do the transition, printing the sense of the skirt and retro stripes without conflict but re-expressed the waist line, so that the overall sense of the proportion of gold, a small jacket jacket to add extra mature flavor, with complex patterns to create a sense of space short paragraph printing T-shirt and monochrome wrap dress waist line stretching the leg line, the heel must be selected with a high degree, in order to play an extension of the leg lines, abstract printing is too complicated, try to use monochrome with the king.

Pope strokes wind printing flowers bring lovely means, has always been unusual route mural wind patterns both sexy and cute, striped skirts so that the lower leg appears more slender, do not try to add other elements, otherwise it will leave the impression of rush. This season's stripes in the direction and trends, combinations and styles have made changes in the perfect body lines based on the increase of the availability of choice, more fresh feeling.

阿珍妮女装 让条纹来的更猛烈些吧

Novel vertical stripes over the horizontal stripes upper body modification to improve the ability to shape the basis of light vertical stripes high-level retro, light vertical stripes extremely Woody Allen-style taste, the most important is the contraction of the horizontal lines, seem capable and quite nostalgic Means that the dark blue high heels to enhance the overall aura, wide stripes like academic school to move closer, the color increases the degree of activity, color changes for the overall bring vitality and affinity, with a beautiful thin belt is a good idea for Feminine extra points careful machine.

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