May 15, 2021

Warm congratulations on the grand opening of Millage New County wish the business is booming millions of ocean!

The new September, beginning of the school, carrying a new hope and dream! Millage women to build new coordinates, with a radiant warm light to various regions, for the local fashion city women bring the gospel. Warm congratulations on the grand opening of Mirage County, I wish the business is booming, into the millions of ocean!


The opening day, colorful flower basket, red banner, filled with blessing and festive, but also attracted the attention of passers-by have eyes. Miera terminal store a unified image, with the gorgeous sense of the European court, in the style of graceful women in Hangzhou-style decoration, a chic ya Yun atmosphere arises spontaneously. Bright chandeliers, beautifully shining under the refraction of the crystal, and the beautiful relief on the window echo each other, creating a romantic and warm shopping atmosphere.

热烈祝贺米拉格新县隆重开业 祝生意兴隆 年入百万大洋!

New autumn and winter styles, exquisite tailoring stitching, elegant appearance of the new art, highlights the quality and sophistication of women. Whether it is pure color or dot, printing and other elements of the embellishment, are revealing the simplicity of the trend of the atmosphere, very lovable. In this, welcome to visit the majority of women to buy.

热烈祝贺米拉格新县隆重开业 祝生意兴隆 年入百万大洋!

热烈祝贺米拉格新县隆重开业 祝生意兴隆 年入百万大洋!

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