May 15, 2021

Zhuo Man 2014 new fall suit with a small suit allows you to easily wear professionalism

Summer is so short, we have not enjoyed it, it slipped away quietly. As the workplace of white-collar workers, the most in the fall can not miss a fashion item is a small suit it! So small ladies suit how to fall with it? Here let us feel together, Bin Man brand new fall 2014 suit with it! Let you wear it not only in line with the identity of the workplace, but also highlight the self-fashion Queen Van Oh!


This self-cultivation small suit, with purple and white lattice hit the color design, eye-catching fashion, impact the visual impact. To catch a pure white jacket is enough, not only fashion, but will not take away the style of a small suit. Lower body with white pants and fish head high heels to add a bit more charming.

缤蔓2014秋季新款小西装搭配 让你轻松穿出职业气质

Although the black suit gives the impression that people always dull color, but with a white high-necked shirt and printed package hip dress, immediately lit the overall shape. And pack hip skirt allows women's "S" curve reveal exhaustive Oh! This workplace mix, both stylish and warm.

Photo Source: Bean Man brand women


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