April 17, 2021

Marisfrolg Maslov women's 2014 autumn new series 2014 autumn women's fashion trends

Autumn sent to cool, Masfil Women's Autumn models on the new friends, what trends this autumn popular, how to wear the most beautiful, here, Xiaobian recommend for everyone a few autumn clothing, everyone to discuss it together.

The beauty of glass Masfilham

Glass, beautiful and transparent, blue and blue, refreshing. The asymmetrical light-lined sweater was indigo with a sparse cross-shaft and gently stroked the dryness of the early autumn. The half-skirt dark circles are subtle and floating in the calm gray blue. The beauty of qi and rhyme conveys God by means of form and meaning, by contemplating God, and by sympathy.

Marisfrolg Maslov Women's 2014 Autumn New Collection

Elegant Enron Marisfrolg Masfil

Early autumn emotions require a vigorous pattern transition. Marisfrolg 2014 blue-pink floral designs are more elegant and elegant than spring flowers, simple and freshly cut, and moderately blank, more secure and quiet in autumn and more full of natural energy.

Marisfrolg Maslov Women's 2014 Autumn New Collection

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