April 17, 2021

How to dress with autumn 2014 autumn fall dress new autumn long-sleeved dress

August will soon be more than half, and gradually into September, the coolness is also coming gradually, a variety of styles autumn has also begun to prepare up. In addition to a variety of jackets, primer shirt, there is a style is also essential, that is, dress, no matter what the season throughout the year can not be less than the existence of the dress. 2014 autumn, what new dress it? Kaunas 2012 new dress recommended, do you like it?


Sleeveless dress, to gradually feel the coolness of the time, with some suits or small leather jackets, or perspective primer shirt to wear, are possible, with superb.

秋季连衣裙如何搭配 2014秋季连衣裙新款 秋季长袖连衣裙

Black lace dress, the most able to show a woman's elegance and charm, although only a simple self-cultivation version, but the lace skirt is not vague, gauze long-sleeved, either alone or with a jacket can be.

秋季连衣裙如何搭配 2014秋季连衣裙新款 秋季长袖连衣裙

Although beautiful autumn, but many people will feel too bleak, a little sad, why not choose a bright-colored clothing to change such a mood? Printed dress continues the enthusiasm of spring and summer, bright autumn colors.

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