May 15, 2021

Welcome to the Fall Winter 2014 NEW LOOK Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection

NEW LOOK Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection Released.

The NEW LOOK Fall/Winter 2014 collection brought the most anticipated single items and fashion trends of the season.

The fabric is silky, futuristic, and boldly decorated with a lining pattern with a pink and rough animal print. Carefully tailored, richly matched layers plus black and white geometric shapes.

Casual dresses for everyday wear include brushed shirts with a cotton shirt pattern, thick knits, and khaki coarse wool coats. New boyfriend jeans and pickled jeans in the Cowboys line are full of street feel.

Many types of coats are full of style. The warm coat is equipped with selected quality wool hats, bold plaid patterns and pastel enamel coats , as well as an oversized boyfriend jacket with a boyish grid pattern.

Bring some faux fur scarves, headbands and shawls, or buy some handbags with faux fur elements. Contrast with them is the footwear products, the use of thick soles, rich fabrics and metal materials, shape is not bad.

Our evening dress series revisited the style of the 60s , and logged into the network and physical stores, excited to present every fashion challenge. Gorgeous velvet and glittering metal accessories add a touch of ornamentation, and beautiful jewellery-filled party shoes complement this look.
Throughout this season is the eye-catching embroidered decoration, which is a few fluorescent colors that turn a single product into a fashion essential. The plaid pattern is also the main element throughout, from elegant cut suits, clutches and heels, to comfortable scarfs, sweaters and thick woolen jackets.

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