January 28, 2022

A new round of cold air cooling is coming Do not forget to wear thermal underwear oh

Escaped the "haze" volts, we have ushered in a new round of cold air, although it purifies the air, but also brought a substantial cooling, but also just in the cold, cold warm work can not be sloppy, A set of thermal underwear is essential Oh.


Figure: Carrie Poetry winter thermal underwear

V collar design Super neck curve, clavicle legislation now, the perfect alignment to wear comfortable and natural, superb tailoring, concise and exquisite workmanship, sketched out the perfect figure results, romantic cherry print full of rustic sweet temperament, Elegant color is the first choice of wild winter underwear.

新一轮冷空气降温即将来临 不要忘了穿保暖内衣哦

Figure: Carrie Poetry winter thermal underwear

Intimate high collar design, caring, high elasticity close to the body, can effectively resist the cold, protect the stiff vertebral, the golden ratio cut three-dimensional cut, with the folds of the whole process of fashion clothes embellishment, comfortable and soft breathable fabric cool friend good personal close Sex.

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