December 03, 2021

Blue suit with a small blue suit with methods

Bright spring March, the air around gradually have the meaning of gentle, all-natural germinal, spring rage, it is the best time for MM beautiful eye-catching.

Whether in the workplace or enjoy leisure time, comfortable and stylish wear, as the spring beauty, warm and natural fresh, eye-catching. Enjoy the weekend, let's take a look Xiaobian recommended it ~


Modern elements combined with different fabrics splicing, rich visual effects, modern more fashion sense.

Light and stylish European root yarn striped coat, white shirt, umbrella glass umbrella skirt, elegant reveals youthful vitality.

蓝色衣服怎么搭配  蓝色小西装搭配方法

Abstract letters printed pattern shirt, with white shorts, fresh vitality, the outer body fit blue small suit, elegant atmosphere, refined OL.

蓝色衣服怎么搭配  蓝色小西装搭配方法

Future combination of technology and geometric structure, rich visual space, has a very inclusive design, simple fashion, suitable for a variety of occasions to wear.

Knitted and chiffon unique splicing, modern fashion, light and comfortable, fresh color combinations, whether to work or travel, are very eye-catching.

7D Meiwa PVC embossed with printing tablecloth

Thickness for pvc: 0.20~0.23mm

Size: 137cm, 140cm

Packing: 1.  20m/roll, 30m/roll

              2.  wrapped with supper clear film outside directly;

Use :Home, Hotel, Wedding, Party,outdoor,restaurants,teahouse,cafe,etc


1. Waterproof, oilproof, heat resistant, wear resistant, non toxic, durable, easy to clean and care
2. Hang down naturally, will not wrinkle
3. Vivid Steric patterns, lifelike, fashionable
4. Hundreds of attractive designs for your choice.

5.Built an elegant or active atmosphere for you.

6.Beauty in appearance and cheap in price.Our best service relied on our reliable quality.

7D Meiwa Tablecloth

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