December 03, 2021

Down jacket how to maintain correct down jacket can not direct drying

After the weather gets warmer, many people intend to wash the winter down jacket, dried and stored, however, down jacket expert brand " cold heron " reminder, the down jacket sun exposure is not desirable.


Cold heron down jacket

First of all, the down jacket to use more chemical fiber and blended fabric for fabric, chemical fiber poor heat resistance, long time at high temperatures will accelerate its aging. Moreover, the dyes used in the fabrics tend to fade when exposed to the sun and may also decompose harmful chemicals. Secondly, in order to waterproof and windproof, down jacket fabrics are usually resin treatment. Resin coating is not high temperature, exposure to intense sunlight may be destroyed, so that the fabric down jacket, vaguely exposed inside the filler, looks like black stains, affecting the appearance.

羽绒服怎么保养才正确 羽绒服不能直接晒

Cold heron down jacket

Experts suggest that you can turn out the clothes in the lingerie, dry in a dry place for a period of time, after a good hang with a hand on the clothes gently tap a few; if you need to dry in the sun, you can first cover a layer of thin cotton jacket; If conditions permit, you can also use the dryer low temperature drying for ten minutes, and then shake with a shake, so feather fluffy. In this way, both to help restore the fluffy feather, gentle texture, without damaging clothes.

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