January 28, 2022

Anna & Ai Deng wish new and old customers a Happy New Year! All the best!

Top Ten Brands in South Korea "Anna & Aiden" MOON JAE CHUL, President of Guangzhou MeiDu Garment Co., Ltd, wishes the new and old customers a Happy New Year! All the best! With its precise grasp of the Chinese consumer market over the years, Guangzhou Meidu Clothing Co., Ltd. has developed into a well-known garment enterprise focusing on the integration of garment R & D, design, marketing, service and brand operation. Adhering to the business philosophy of "customer first" To provide consumers with quality products and services. Since its inception, the "Anna Alden" brand has always been adhering to the high quality line, focusing on creating stylish aesthetic princess and elegant and comfortable Prince children's clothing for children aged 2-10 years, and has been following the design of "creating a wonderful, healthy and happy childhood for children" Concept, close to the international fashion trends, innovative product design, color rich and natural, comfortable, highlighting the fashion without exaggeration, reflects Anna Alden always adhere to the "fashion, sweet, elegant, dynamic" brand style.

One of normal fabric, can be made to shirts,blouses,dress,trousers etc.it has solid,y/d,print etc.                                                           

Waffle Series

Waffle Fabric,Brushed Waffle,Waffle Knit Fabric,Waffle Cloth Fabric

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