December 03, 2021

How should ancient jade be chosen?

Jade articles belong to traditional collections. Collection of ancient jade, mostly in the Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties, more ancient jade is difficult to distinguish between authenticity. Modern jade can also be collected, as long as it is a real jade, its price will only rise and fall.

Ancient jade

People collect jade, generally pay attention to the material of jade, because the better the material of jade, the higher the value, followed by the artistic and technological level of jade, and pay little attention to the precipitation of history and culture contained in jade.

In fact, judging the material of jade requires a long time of experience accumulation, collectors do not all have this element, so jade experts believe that for beginners and enthusiasts of jade collection, if you want to spend less money and receive good works, The trick is not to look at the material. Because the general craftsmanship is small, exquisite and lively, the material is certainly not bad. Just like the good works of the masters of painting, the rice paper used by them is definitely good in quality, and they will not take the waste paper to formally paint. From the historical development of ancient jade artifacts, the material and artistic value of jade is directly proportional to the historical era. The more modern, the more Liangyu, the higher the craft level, the higher the value of Liangyu.

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