January 28, 2022

Shenzhen pattern brand women and Miss Zhan join hands to build Luzhou market in Sichuan

With the new arrival of 2014, the pattern of women continue to force the Midwest women's market! Recently, the Shenzhen brand women's and Miss Zhan join hands to build the market in Luzhou, Sichuan, expanding the brand 's women's Clothing brand to the Luzhou women's market and further enhancing the brand's influence and market share.

图案 - HQ Pattein

Shenzhen Global Huacheng Fashion Design Co., Ltd. was formerly a company engaged in European fabric research and development and promotion in China. From 2004, it started to design and develop the HQ Pattein-patterned women's brand. Now has two production bases, a fabric research and development company. The company has now developed into a collection of fabric research and development, fashion design, production, sales and after-sales service in one of the modern garment enterprises. The company established a perfect organization, professional customer service tracking system; company invited Paris Mod'art International Fashion Institute senior designer Mi Bao for the company's perennial design consultants, also has a group of Hong Kong's original experience in the development and design team. (Send at least one designer per year to go to the "Capital of Costumes" for study in Paris, France). The company introduced the international advanced management software and market management model; plans in the next few years continue to increase brand building and promotion, to create a well-known domestic high-end brand clothing. To provide customers with quality products and services, with "home" concept and new and old customers sincere cooperation, join hands in creating a better future.