December 03, 2021

Lolita share points wave stripes single product out of the trend

Two little girls get together, there will always be countless little secrets, always sharing everything you like. However, the issue of beauty and dress matching is a hot topic of all ages regardless of age. "Do you think I am beautiful today?", "Do you like my dress?" The following is a description of the cute little Lolita dress with a share, as love fashion moms, you learned? White t-shirt, printed with cute little cartoon, the following with the black wave point skirt, simple and elegant, fresh and playful. Wherever you go will be full of pure beauty. Next to the pink and white stitching Polka Dot skirt sleeveless design, sweet lace white lace literary, very lovable. Striped elements have always been a classic fashion, cute little skirts cute striped. The above with a white printed t-shirt simple and trendy. With a pair of casual canvas shoes below, sandals will be very harmonious. Of course, clothing and hairstyle must also be very uniform, whether it is shawl or ball head, has its unique charm. Pictures from: goodwill children's clothing

Polyester Ribbon

Thermal Transfer Printing Slited Edge 100% Polyester Ribbon,it include Satin Ribbon,Grosgrain Ribbon,orgazan ribbon, it used in care label printing, the stock color is 245 kinds.If you can not find out the color you need in the color card, you can tell me your Pantone color card No. or deliver the live samples of color to us,we can dye for you.


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Polyester Ribbon

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