December 03, 2021

Montblanc is the most “star-studded” participating brand on SIHH

Montblanc is the most "star-studded" brand on SIHH this year. Hollywood star Hugh Jackman came to visit during the exhibition and became the first global brand spokesperson for Montblanc. This year's new work by Montblanc is dominated by mid-end watches, and the brand's inherent style is practiced in an orderly manner, returning to the essence of Swiss watchmaking.


In the history of the Richemont Group, cooperation between brands and stars is not uncommon, but hiring “global spokespersons” has never happened. Many people speculate that this is due to the slowdown in Swiss watch exports last year, and Richemont Group began to change its marketing strategy to cope with the crisis. "The reality is already in front of us, and it may not be improved in the next six months. All we can do is change. Hugh Jackman is very charismatic, his works are not many, but good enough, he The addition helps us to revitalize our brand image and reduce the age level of consumers.” Gu Jitao, executive director of Montblanc China, responded in an exclusive interview with the newspaper, “The high-end watch market has indeed shrunk in recent years, we have noticed This point, so adjust the pace, and instead provide the middle-class consumers with a large base to provide more products that are affordable and of high quality. Of course, Montblanc is a very appealing brand, and the loyal fans of writing instruments have become a wrist. There are a lot of watch enthusiasts, I believe that this deep accumulation of deep emotions is difficult to be replaced by other brands in a short time."

The patented timepiece "Time Writer" invented by Nicholas Caesar in 1821 is the inspiration for Montblanc watchmakers to create the modern Nicholas Caesar watch and movement. The unique design of this collection includes the upper part. The eccentric time, the sub-dial, and the chronograph sub-dial below to measure the passage of time. In 2014, Montblanc once again performed the classics, recreating the color matching and pointer style of the “Time Writer”, and using innovative materials and techniques to present this invention in the modern way. The watch features a date display, dual time zone function and day and night display, available in limited editions in 18K rose gold and stainless steel. The pointer is designed for dual scale indication: the ends of the slender diamond-shaped blue metal pointer point to the timing scales on the two rotating dials, each of which faithfully reproduces the timing ink of the 1821 patented timer. The carrier, two white lacquered rotating discs, is also designed with a historical timepiece. The left rotating disc is used to measure 60 seconds and the right disc is used for 30 minutes. At first glance, the eccentric main dial of this watch seems to have only a minute scale, but lacks the hourly hour mark. In fact, this is a hidden mystery: its hour-scale circle is made of modern mixed ceramics covered with luminous materials. Because it uses the same color as the dial, the hour numbers are subtly hidden under sufficient light and are precision embedded in the dial, as the ambient light gradually dims, the hourly numbers are covered with luminous substances, and the same is covered with luminous substances. The time and minute hands together give off a bright glow. Montblanc's self-manufactured Calibre MB R200 automatic movement is controlled by a single button. It adopts a column wheel structure and a modern vertical clutch device to ensure smooth running of the timing function and effectively avoid the slight beat of the chronograph second hand during timing start. The 18K rose gold version of the "German Nicholas Caesar" chronograph will be limited to 193 - in honor of Nicholas Caesar's 193th anniversary of the invention of the world's first patented timer.

90 years ago, Montblanc created a legendary work, the Meisterstück series, which means “masterpieces” in German, with outstanding features and aesthetics, an innovative ink supply system and a hand-finished gold-plated nib. The pen became a legendary writing instrument with epoch-making significance. The Taipan Heritage Series is inspired by the time series of the Taipan series for nearly a hundred years. It is remarkable in the details, especially the classic Taihao style pointer, which is famous for its symmetrical shape, with smooth polished sides, even the tiniest. The manufacturing or assembly defects are also clearly presented, so it is extremely difficult to make. Launched this year, this Taipan heritage series perpetual calendar is equipped with Calibre MB 29.15 automatic movement. With the complicated wheel train and steering wheel device, the length of the teeth is divided into different lengths and accurately displayed in February every four years. Day 29 Under the premise of ensuring the power of the clockwork, the watch can run accurately until 2100 years. If the owner of this watch has not been worn for a long time, the embedded buttons on the side of the case can be used to quickly adjust the display in the watch's perpetual calendar function. Each Taipan Heritage Series Perpetual Calendar has been certified by the Montblanc Reno Watchmaking Workshop for 500 hours before leaving the factory.

Thanks to the patented timing structure, this wrist expresses the timing accuracy that is unmatched by many chronographs – 1/100 second. In 1916, the Mina watchmaking factory had developed its first mechanical chronograph that can measure 1/100 second. Today, this well-known watchmaking factory has become the Montblanc Villeret watchmaking workshop and is once again high. The development of precision chronograph watches spares no effort. Subsequent versions of this chronograph use a central chronograph second hand that can be rotated around the dial every second. In order to achieve this timing accuracy, the Timewalker 100 Chronograph is equipped with the newly developed "Dual Core" autonomous chronograph movement Calibre MB M66.25, which uses a double balance wheel design to achieve the required high vibration frequency. In addition, the watch's case is made of a new material that is widely used in the field of racing. The stainless steel bezel is treated with a DLC (drill-like carbon) process with excellent scratch resistance. The bottom of the case with screws is made of titanium. Built and set with sapphire crystal. The case middle piece, also made of titanium, is treated with carbon fiber: Montblanc uses a complex seamless manufacturing process to process the case instead of simply bonding the carbon fiber coating and the titanium metal in a bonded manner. Titanium and carbon fiber cases offer extremely light weight and optimum scratch resistance for maximum protection of the mechanical movement inside the watch. This watch is limited to 100 pieces.


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