June 19, 2021

2013 China Green Company Annual Meeting Theme Forum: Reform Dividend Call for Action Hero - Jinkou Cat Children's Wear Innovation Leads the Industry Revolution

The Summit on Business Sustainable Development hosted by the China Entrepreneur Club - "Annual Meeting of China Green Companies 2013" was held in Kunming, Spring City from April 20 to April 22, and the keynote forum was held on April 21, Forum on "reform of dividends call for action hero" as the theme, Chairman of Lenovo Group Co., Ltd. Liu Chuanzhi as the forum host, five Chinese and foreign speakers around the theme of "China's reform dividend" each express their views, Warm atmosphere. At the forum, Professor Wang Ning from Arizona State University proposed that the over 30 years of reform and opening up have brought tremendous changes to China. The reform dividend China has created has surprised anyone. China's next dividend for reform must come from innovation. However, at present, few Chinese enterprises can independently rely on product innovation market, which will become an obstacle to development. Therefore, he believes that the market must be opened up, especially the market for ideas. China's reform has not yet succeeded, and entrepreneurs still need to continue their efforts. Speaking of innovation, in addition to focusing on product innovation, we should focus more on innovation and change in the industry model. When it comes to innovation in the industry model, we have to mention the participation of this year's Doraemon cat Children's clothing company, the current Ding Dong cats are children's clothing and domestic first-class software company jointly developed intelligent management system for the children's clothing industry, the current management mode for the apparel industry, cash flow, product turnover and product development cycle is too long and other long-term constraints children's clothing and the entire apparel industry The issue of innovation through intelligent management of the creation of the clothing industry ecosystem, the entire chain more efficient re-integration, reduce intermediate links, reduce management costs, reduce inventory, reduce capital occupation, reduce communication costs and speed up Capital turnover speed, efficient integration of all aspects of the operation. Although apparel brand operations tend to be more specialized, capitalized and capitalized, the nature of the industry is doomed to change the status quo only through joint industry-wide reforms that improve efficiency and reduce links. It is understood that led by the jingle cats mainly developed intelligent management system will be put into operation as soon as the second half of the year, then the new mode of operation after the change can bring quality improvement for the children's clothing and the entire apparel industry, can become the recent We are full of expectation for a good medicine for the healthy development of the garment industry, which has been going down continuously for years.

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