June 19, 2021

Often wearing hard-soled shoes, be careful not to hurt

[This site - shoes and life] Young people love to wear hard-soled canvas shoes, but prolonged wear and tear make the plantar fascia inflammation, rupture. Dr. Lin Weilong, director of Orthopaedic Department of East China Hospital (Store) Hospital, said that shoes that are often worn too high or too thin or too hard on the soles of the shoes can easily inflame and rupture the plantar fascia. Delayed treatment may also cause early deterioration of the joints.

Wear a few days hard wearing shoes plantar fascia rupture

Recently, a 20-year-old female college student in Taiwan has been wearing hard-soled canvas shoes. I suspect that the sole is too hard and too thin. The right foot plantar fascia has been inflamed first, and it has been cracked by sharp objects and has been unable to walk... According to an orthopedic surgeon at the Zhongshan Hospital of Taipei, who was admitted to the case, the girl’s right foot was barely able to step on the ground. He was escorted by a friend to the clinic. She read a few days ago bought a pair of hard-soled canvas shoes, and even spent a few days shopping, traveling, resulting in severe pain in his right sole, diagnosed as broken plantar fascia. At present, besides still using drug treatment, female college students also need to use crutches to avoid continued injury to the right sole.

The doctor analyzed that the girl had long walked on hard, thin shoes with soles. The plantar fascia had had mild inflammation. He may step on the sharp object but did not notice it. He walked for a long time and caused the fascial rupture. .

Sole is too thin or too hard to damage joints, spine

Warmer weather, many young people and even the elderly like to buy canvas shoes, because of its breathable and comfortable, loved by many people. Especially on the Internet, many canvas shoes are colorful and cheap, and are very popular among students. However, the reporter also found that many low-cost canvas shoes purchased online are thin and hard.

Lin Weilong, chief physician of Orthopaedic Department of Huadong Hospital, analyzed that the shoes need a little thickness and slope, too thin and hard shoes are not good. Young people like to run, bouncing, and other sports. If the sole is too thin, it may not support it. It may also cause damage to the arch, excessive damage, or even fasciitis. In addition, if the sole is too thin, it may cause reflection damage, and the impact of the ground directly causes reflection damage to the ankles, knees, joints, spine, and even the brain. When you bounce and run, there will be great shocks to the ankles, knees, hips, and even the spine, which will also put a lot of pressure on the joints.

Protecting the spine of the joints is very important

“The way of shoes and exercise is very important!” Director Lin Weilong said that for young people who like to exercise, to prevent joint damage, in addition to warming up before exercise, choosing the right shoes is also very important. He suggested that according to the different types of sports to choose the right shoes, such as: the best choice for playing basketball shoes with air cushions, cushioning bounce to bring better shock; if it is walking, jogging and other basic exercises, jogging shoes is very good Select; running shoes when running, climbing shoes when climbing, relatively safe.

Walking in high heels for a long time, over time, can also cause joint degeneration or knee osteoarthritis. For this reason, do not wear high-heeled shoes when you are on the road, and wear soft-soled shoes with thick soles to reduce the impact on the knee joint and prevent the wear of the knee joint. From a biomechanical point of view, good shoes can buffer the impact and other injuries caused by walking or exercise, even the impact on the brain, and prevent diseases. Director Lin Weilong reminded the public not to wear shoes that are too tall or too thin or too hard when buying or wearing shoes to prevent inflammation of the plantar fascia. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center)

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