June 19, 2021

CANNELLE women's fashion black bathing sunshine

CANNELLE European popular fashion elements, soft Oriental women's body characteristics, the use of simple and smooth lines, with high-grade high-quality knitted fabrics, also leisure Ya, tide rather than tender, graceful, texture and details, expression The charming taste of intellectual women. : Black always gives the feeling of mystery, but in fact, black can not resist the temptation of the sun, CANNELLE women farewell colors this summer, with classic black to create a simple and elegant temptation, bathing black sun!


Black jumpsuits are usually thin nirvana, while the simple self-cultivation design is to show the perfect silhouette, romantic lotus leaf is more elegant and elegant, in the gorgeous spring, sunny weather, wear black clothes, More different kind of style too!

CANNELLE时尚女装 沐浴阳光下的黑色风情

Black is the representative of the mysterious and sexy, but the black lace is unparalleled sexy glamor, micro perspective jacket with package hip skirt, the woman's gentle, sweet, sexy show most vividly, interpretation of the romantic summer fashion style!

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