June 19, 2021

AUM brand fashion ladies Pastoral Style wear a sense of comfort

AUM brand women was founded in 2009 in Shenzhen, China, in order to simplify the Jane to elegant, deep into a bold and bold to gentle, with extreme simplicity and interpretation of nature and man's internal rhythm and the essence of life. Spring 2013, AUM women's adhering to the usual design style, the cotton, linen material applied to their own product design, to create a casual natural style of literature, so that when you get used to the workplace commuter outfit, enjoy the nature to bring Our share of comfortable.

噢姆 - AUM

Comfortable cotton fabric allows you to enjoy a comfortable dressing experience in the summer, although the tone is not very high-profile, but the two-color mosaic color but exudes a lot of lively sense, the cuff of the lotus leaf wear thin arm.

AUM品牌时尚女装 田园文艺Style穿出舒适感

Outsize silhouette cotton dress with a knit cardigan rather idyllic, whether young girls or mature women can try this dress style, maybe he will bring you a good mood Oh.

AUM品牌时尚女装 田园文艺Style穿出舒适感

Loose silhouette of the body can wear a slim body curve, with a long skirt cotton linen literary atmosphere. In this gradually warming early spring, quickly put on a fusion of nature's dress to spring it! Do not miss this most beautiful season.

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