June 19, 2021

CIFUCA silk Buddha brand women lead your fashion new life

Silk Fokka women's brand positioning style based on elegant life style, master the international and domestic popular elements, combined with the latest information resources, the product into the concept of environmental protection and health wear, attention to detail and user-friendly design, emphasizing wearing a healthy concept and Comfort.

丝佛卡 - CIFUCA

Simple white suit, exceptionally dazzling in the crowd. Show urban women mature, peaceful, the pursuit of detail and perfection, open-minded, cheerful, intellectual, understanding, inside take the quiet blue print dress so that they have more charm charming charm.

CIFUCA丝佛卡品牌女装  引领你的时尚新生活

Nude-colored small suit to take a striped sweater, showing that they love youth, the pursuit of beauty, taste of life, leading the trend; life, their dress passionate and solemn and modest rustic, vitality even more hold the essence.

Men's Pants

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