June 19, 2021

Women's brand underwear brand opened e-order platform

After entering the Internet age, all kinds of network operators later come to seize the clothing sales market, and online sales as an effective way is bound to be traced by the merchants. Recently, the well-known underwear brand woman heart joined the army of online sales, opened the e-order platform. Not only convenient around the franchisee will be more business to broaden the sales path, started brand war.

Women's heart is on your side. Our product range includes 11 series, including chest, panties, body suit, bathing suit, pajamas, pregnant women, breastfeeding underwear and warm clothing. Our products are popular among ladies of all walks of life and of different ages.


Adhering to the "customer demand-oriented, innovative market-leading, fashion-led consumer, service to win the trust of" business philosophy and "create a world-renowned underwear production and marketing enterprises, establish the international underwear industry's leading brand," the business objective of direct and franchise chain Business model, solidarity, struggling hard.

Women Bra

We are a professional manufacturer of women's underwear, we have women bra, women panties, Women Nightwear, women shape wear, and Women Swimwear. For women bra, we have many kinds of bra, such as Padded Bra, Wired Bra , Strapless Bra, etc. They are fashionable, comfortable and high quality. And we have a well trained team to control the product style, quality, customer service and shipment delivery. So if you want it all-comfort, good quality and style-trust us to deliver. 

Women Bra

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