June 20, 2021

Barracuda underwear brings you the latest comforts

A measure of underwear good or bad, only the wearer knows best, or not from breathable fabric to fit the models, Barbara Sha underwear underwear to bring not only pay attention to the wearer's comfort, the pursuit of more and more on the basis of Trendy fashion.


Flowers, decorative flowers, plants are art, wallpaper art let us enter the European royal court, regardless of decoration or exhibits are extremely luxurious, retro carved and wave point with the show, luxurious, gorgeous Palace Queen Style! The use of 3/4 thin mold cup (plus high design with super-good gather and package effect, the chest can be a good focus, shape the tall and straight chest.) Low heart design, easy to concentrate, chest gathered to show the perfect cleavage! Metal diamond jewelry into the overall more stylish and noble.

笆笆莎时尚内衣 带给你最新的舒适体验

The use of light fishing net cloth, embroidery lace rich three-dimensional, embodies the art of decorative and natural beauty, with an elegant and modern feeling, enough to show a luxurious and elegant design style. Titanium black and gold color, full of sense of vintage bewitching. Red cloth in the use of red cloth temperature change fabric, hygroscopic breathable, natural and healthy, wearing skin-friendly comfort. Sexy leopard pattern, urban women will always be the fashion choice can be discarded, showing a feminine sexy and slightly wild charm.

Custom printed Coreflute logo
The Corflute signage is ideal for any short or medium term, indoor or outdoor signage needs.
Although it is not recommended to use the corflute logo for a long time, it still offers many qualities.
Custom printed Coreflute logo can be Die Cut any size to meet the needs of different customers
The Corflute logo offers an affordable alternative to the advantages of a strong, durable, lightweight, waterproof product. Whenever you change your event easily
need. Create such an easy-to-use ad that you can take with you for everyone to watch.
The plastic corrugated logo is a proven solution for versatile short-term advertising. change
Get detailed information at the lowest cost and still maintain the quality image of your brand.

Features and benefits
• Custom printed graphics for exclusive brands.
• High resolution full color imaging on all Corflute logos.
• Lightweight, 100% portable.
•flexible. Suitable for indoor trade shows or outdoor sports.
• Cost effective. The Corflute logo is one of the most cost-effective signs on the market.
• Any shape you want. Corflute folds or bends into any shape you want.

• Perfect for indoor and outdoor use and widely used in the real estate industry
Trading people in the construction industry.
• Industries include: real estate 'for sale' signs, political events, fair signs, exhibitions or events
Signage, architectural sign or trade show sign.

technical details
Coreflute is available in thicknesses up to 1200mm x 2400mm and is available in thicknesses of 3mm, 5mm and 6mm.
8mm.3mm is only suitable for smaller signs and is usually only used indoors.
5mm is the most commonly used thickness, used inside and outside, rigid enough
It is useful even at full paper size. The 6mm and 8mm versions are often used less frequently.
Additional rigidity or robustness is necessary.
• Also known as: cor-flute, pastic, corrugated signage, printed trade mark, architectural sign.
• Produce full color corflute logos using the latest digital solvent printing technology.
• Use the computer to cut vinyl lettering to create a simple corflute logo.

confluet sign board

Corflute Sign Board

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