November 25, 2020

BELFORD loose outline coat simple dominate the atmosphere

BELFORD is designed for high-grade women, its style is simple atmosphere, the choice of high-quality fabrics, sophisticated version of the type, exquisite craftsmanship, reflecting the concept of high quality of life and dress, show the elite of mature elite elegant female charm . As fashion continues to reincarnation, silhouette coat as one of the popular elements of the retro style, BELFORD winter silhouette coat is the use of loose style, contrasting the graceful figure of women, the simple product is dominated this year!


Loose profile, not the traditional self-cultivation type, to a little oversize this clumsy feeling, big casual lapel design, and the large clothes wrapped body warm feeling.


The outline of the fall and winter coat continued the simple spirit, exquisite little neckline design retro charm, fashion is the classic plaid pattern Joker, only a simple product to collocation can be piled up the atmosphere field.

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