September 20, 2021

Tide brand CRZ: trend has nothing to do with age, as long as you have a youthful heart

Whether you are young or not, you will love the young state! Whether you are not trendy trend, you are always driving the trend. As long as you dare to think, break through the box of thinking, you are the influx of people. Tide brand CRZ Encouragement is young people inherent Chao Chaoyi Inn, inspired young people's unique way of thinking and spiritual ideas, Imagine a life attitude for me and content. 2012 tide brand CRZ autumn and winter clothing continues to "play" "subversion" "whim" core for the influx of people to bring a series of new products. "The future of camouflage" and "whims" are the two major themes of autumn and winter clothing. "Camouflage" - military means that the color of the protection is in accordance with the surroundings, making the enemy unclear. This pattern using the principle of visual psychology, can adapt to a variety of environmental contexts of the hidden needs, it is this classic but also can explain the reasons for evolution and become the theme of fashion brand clothing elements. "Whims" has always been the core of CRZ tide brand design concept, this season CRZ tide brand with bold design to tell you: design living in the imagination of the fanciful world, to go beyond the reality, unexpected and use reason, different Think of a prototype. "Whimsical" series to join many elements of the Royal life, better visual effects. Each piece is deduced a unique, it is warm and fanatic story. Tide people, Let's Crazy! Tide brand CRZ good use of candy hue or even collide, to the CRZ brand brings a beautiful youthful atmosphere. They use the most colorful dress makeup colorful life, into the daily life of a colorful sense of joy. To live the life of Leh beautiful beautiful life, enjoy life. With bright candy color impact visual and normal thinking, live a different youth. The trend does not care about age, as long as you always have a youthful heart.

Burgmann BT-AR carbon ceramic mechanical seal 301 for clean water pump
1.The seal is replacable for BT AR type.
2.We have all the mould from 8mm to 70mm, all the rubber mould have LM (our trade mark)printed. 
3.From shaft size 30mm, we will use metal cup to hold the rubber to avoid its disassemblying after long time.
4.The color of ceramic could be yellow and white for clients choice. 

We are adhering to the principle of "quality first" from the procurement of raw materials to the manufacturing process. We have aspecial quality inspector to ensure  every product is qualified before  ex-factory.

Mechanical Seal Ring

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