November 25, 2020

Seven kiss women's trendy outfit Spring Festival Eye No. 1

"Seven kiss - seven kiss ", the consumer group to locate the age of 20-30 years old modern city women, emphasizing the personal charisma of the popular fashion, inspiration design, high-speed management of brand strategy, rapid, open, innovative and dynamic management mode , Quickly promoted the seven kiss's fashion philosophy of life.


Black stitching sense of dress will be a combination of different materials, fabrics, chiffon bat sleeve so tough dress more than a tenderness.

Seven kiss女装 潮流装春节出街吸睛No.1

Winter red cloak piercing the slim arm, does not appear bloated and cumbersome, with hip skirt package, distributed femininity.

This kind of warmth-keeping type is mainly for the long-term winter wear in the alpine areas or the colder Antarctic and Antarctic regions. Usually, it uses a very thick, completely wind-proof, waterproof and wear-resistant outer material + a lot of velvet and duck down. It has a relatively large self-weight, and generally belongs to the extended garment, so as to ensure that other warmth-keeping clothes can be easily put on inside.

Zipper Down Jacket

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