November 25, 2020

Betu fashion women with color to break the boring, dotted the beautiful winter

Betu fashion to exquisite elegance, modern style of fashion design to win the favor of many urban women. With the continuous expansion of the domestic market, betu has established its own stores, department stores counters and franchise businesses in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities such as Qingdao, Xi'an and Kunming. Betu has become one of the most famous Hong Kong women's brands . In a monotonous attack, betu fashionable women with color to break boring, embellished beautiful winter!

百图 - BETU

betu new coat, this winter is no longer the post-modern black and white tones, beautiful blue, soft dark gray so that this winter is full of vitality and active, light and warm fabric fusion is simple and simple design, adding more women's atmosphere Soft beauty.


betu new elegant white army wind woolen jacket, to create a woman's handsome and capable, and no matter whether it is bright coral red sweater inside, or stylish blue sweater, the overall highlight the feminine sense of elegance, exudes elegant and feminine Full oh.


Betu new jacket classic fashion plaid dress, take the exquisite hit color collar splicing sweater, highlights the elegant female lady wind, in the cold winter, either single or within the ride are good single product Oh.

Bi-component polyester filament Yarn is made from two polyester fibers with different properties. mainly includes the following products:

1)ITY (BSY) composed of polyester FDY and POY composite spinning

2)SPH is a low viscosity PET and high shrinkage PET composite spinning.

3)M400 by high viscosity of PTT and low viscosity PET composite spinning   

4)T8 is made up of low viscosity PBT and high viscosity PET composite spinning


two components of different types of thermal shrinkage performance, make it produce a permanent curl in the finishing process, thus elastic, also has certain moisture absorption perspiration function.


1. The dyeing temperature and finalize the design temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, too high will affect the elastic fabric;

2. Try to use in the process of finishing the hydrophilic agent, in order to avoid jam fiber groove, destroying its moisture absorption perspiration function



Polyester Bicomponent Yarn

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