November 25, 2020

Geosersin women enjoy luxurious fur visual feast

Geoselin adhering to the innovative, stylish, unique design concept of individual interpretation of the interpretation of luxury women's design, the United States exists in a variety of means of expression among the women's design innovation never ends. Geosin Lin low-key gorgeous, exquisite tailoring, simple but not simple, the details of the quality of office, JOY & CELINE, a woman worth having!

杰奥思琳女装 尽享豪华皮草视觉盛宴

The middle of the collar set with a button embellishment, so that fur collar levels strengthen, chest and back large mink mink, fur collar high-end fox fur so that texture first-class.

杰奥思琳女装 尽享豪华皮草视觉盛宴

Fashion gorgeous, full of modern sense of the full leather down jacket, large bustier plump fur collar, full fluffy, atmospheric type. Unique pearl craft, making this sheepskin brighter, big print Leopard print children full! Coupled with the belt, version more self-cultivation!

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