July 21, 2019

Wave than the classic combination of men's cultural collision

Wave than when the high-end casual taste of men's fashion, suitable for taste, the pursuit of personality, a new era of fashion men, fashion and leisure at the same time, more elegant and comfortable. Wave than men when the fall and winter series Wave than men when the fall and winter series. Guangdong wave than when Clothing Co., Ltd. Was established in 1992 and headquartered in Guangzhou, the company has been committed to the development of men 's casual wear, leather goods series. In 1993, the company started to use "Langbeishishi" brand and formed the operation and operation system integrating design, production and sales. With its years of continuous development and improvement, "Langbeishishi" brand has become a leader in men's casual wear in China In order to make the brand more serialized, "Wave Ratio" in 2003 to increase the development of leather products, and by the vast number of consumers agree and love. As a mature casual brand, "Wave Ratio" is a subtle endeavor. Everything from design concept to manufacturing process is striving for perfection so that every "Wave Ratio" consumer can truly appreciate the convenience of freehand, comfortable and casual The true meaning.