July 21, 2019

French women's brand Bei Nisi Yin summer orders will end in Guangzhou

January 3, 2011, a three-day French women's brand Bei Nisin summer orders in Guangzhou Baiyun District Tong Tai Road Summer Palace Yihe Hotel ended. According to the person in charge of Barnes intro, the order will be double the volume of orders, a record high will be held since the launch.

With the theme of "One Day for Urban Women," the summer shopping order by Benesse has divided women into different periods of the day and displayed them in different costumes and different combinations. As the spotlight lights up, the screen in front of T stands for different time periods. Women in pajamas and hazy lazy drowsiness start to get up, dress up and dress up before they appear in the crowd. Competent, energetic white-collar beauty. The time on the screen is constantly changing. The clothes on the T-shirt models also show different styles. From the white-collar office workers to the social occasions, from the intense working atmosphere to the leisurely afternoon tea time accompanied by the rhythm and sound of music Song, Bernice Yin interpretation of the perfect female day.

Jennifer Yin product design director Liu Runjie said at the ordering conference, integration of many designer classic Beneteau new products, from fabric selection to style design, all reflect the unique concept of 2011, Will lead the trend of women's clothing in China, a rookie in the women's market.

For Benny's market prospects, Marketing Director Xiong Wenqun also introduced at the ordering meeting, she said, Burnetts is a full of tension and very promising brand. After ten years of development, By virtue of its continuous efforts, Pernis has created a solid market in the southern region. The accumulation of these years led to the transformation of Burnets from a small company to a high-growth enterprise. In 2011, the company and its distributors are rapidly optimizing the established brand market, enabling consumers across the country Can experience the advantages and special services of the company.

It is understood that Burnett is Guangzhou Snow Philippine Fashion Co., Ltd. under the brand, settled in China in 2002. The products have absorbed the essence of the classic works of Europe and Asia, converged the latest international trends, designed according to the characteristics of the Chinese people, won the favor of Chinese consumers with simplicity, sophistication, elegance and fashionable style, making the scale of the enterprises expand rapidly. At present, the company has established creative studios in France, Japan, South Korea and other countries. In China, its sales network covers over 100 cities in major cities and stores. Shop covers Hunan, Liaoning, Shanxi, Guangdong and other provinces. Industry insiders predict that with the constant improvement of the operation system of Burnershin, the products will quickly cover the national women's market and soon rank first-tier brands.