July 21, 2019

Years can keep the last Nathan embroidery shoes shop

Almost all those who come to Hong Kong will not miss Nathan Road. It is 3.6 km long and runs through Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok commercial area, bringing together more than 600 shops, is one of the most bustling streets in Hong Kong. Walking on Nathan Road, the shop scale than the section, in particular, a variety of jewelry gold, cosmetics chain stores, crystal clear window reveals the jewel, colorful cosmetics under the lights, accidentally, will miss the first shop selling embroidered shoes. This half-century-old shop is actually just a stall under the stairs, caught in the middle of the cosmetics shop "Salsa", which is more and more narrow. Embroidered shoes? Are there any people now? Some people may wonder. In fact, there are both hand-embroidered traditional hand-embroidered shoes in the shop, as well as more trendy three-dimensional rose motifs and leopard print patterns. Except when gifts are delivered, they are not obsolete at all when they buy their own use. It is said that Japanese guests, Yuan high price to buy. Shop shelves, there is a big "Made in Hong Kong" signs. The owner Zhong Bo is very proud to say that Nathan Road was the only one of them selling embroidered shoes and the others were selling satin and the like. However, as time goes on, the old familiar shops in the past closed down or relocated, replacing them with the "lack of human touch" of large-scale chain stores. They became "the only remaining" old shop. But this is almost the last of Nathan's old shop, still can not escape the fate of being forced to close down. Last month, the landlord issued a lawyer's letter, only willing to lease the shop until the end of January this year. Zhong Bo sighed that if there is no suitable place for the graduation, there is no way to do anything. "The rich have the final say." Feng Qiang, lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University, recalled Nathan Road used to be the busiest street in Kowloon with a variety of shops and restaurants. However, rents have risen in the past few years. As these low margin shops are closed or relocated, only high profit margins such as jewelry, watches or cosmetics stores can survive. Therefore, some local Hong Kong cultural commentators think that Nathan has become a place where large groups of people can show their financial resources so that Hong Kong people no longer feel that Nathan belongs to themselves and "Nathan Road is offensive." That the first thing to reach the store, talked about the Internet forums in Hong Kong, some people say that the owners should "big bottoming out" (human flesh search), there are girls sighed: "I know that shop ah. Childhood, my mother with I went home to the streets and passed home. Every time I went to the streets to buy beautiful shoes, my mom said that when I got married, I would buy it, and who knows, I have not married yet. Mr. Wang, who manages the pavement together, said he would consider moving the shop upstairs and doing business with regular customers. Will also plan to sell embroidered shoes online. The girl in online forum might be relieved. (