July 21, 2019

Ashton will attend the 19th service fair in 2011

It is reported that well-known men's brand Aschton will be joining the "China International Clothing & Accessories Fair (CHIC)" held on March 28-31, 2011 in Beijing New International Convention and Exhibition Center (Shunyi New Museum) Men's Chain, 2010 China Gold Awards - China's top ten men's brand, pioneer of China's SPA business model, the leader of casual men's clothing industry in China. Booth No .: Men's Hall E1316 Time: March 28-31, 2011 Venue: Beijing New International Convention and Exhibition Center (Shunyi New Hall) Astro Men's Shoes was founded in 2003 and headquartered in Meicheng Economic Development Zone, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China After years of meticulous operation, it has taken the development strategy of "focusing on regions, focusing on products, focusing on customers and focusing on breakthroughs", constantly innovating services, solidifying the background, and rapidly realizing the all-round leadership in chain scale, brand efficiency, management and service. Aston adhering to the "fashion, value, variety" marketing concept, the use of advanced international brand-owned retail apparel professional mode-SPA mode, through the brand operation, product planning to production and retail by the company unified control of the integration Mode of operation, reduce the various intermediate links, and open up a powerful commercial platform. Ascott men in December 2005 the first in the industry in the country launched the "urban recreation" new concept, to create China's urban casual men's first brand, access to the community widely respected and loved. Its innovative model, innovative ideas, innovative marketing and many other aspects of the industry highly praised! Integration of resources, cooperation and win-win! Asshtun to "make every man have value for money fashion" as a corporate mission to a strong chain of terminal system as the basis, stimulating consumer demand for clothing, with a number of high-quality clothing enterprises to establish a sustained and stable strategy Alliance, promote and promote the development of the national garment industry. Adhering to the employment concept of "attaching equal importance to virtue and ability, absorbing talents, using qualified personnel, cultivating qualified personnel and retaining qualified personnel", Ascot realized the system of talent recruitment, personnel training, employee motivation and career planning, and successively implemented the sales elites Training project, reserve manager training project, manager training project, middle and top level cadre training project and other talent training projects, laying a solid foundation for the future development of the enterprise. Focusing on the integration and retail of urban leisure menswear, the core values ​​of "Focus, Win-Win, and Value" have truly realized the win-win situation for employees, customers, society and enterprises and continued to create value for society. At present, Astro Day's pace of success is steadily advancing, which will undoubtedly become a bright star. A new day, a new beginning ...... Aston, in line with the principle of "rapid, steady and standardized reproduction", continuously optimized the fashion retail model and established a chain style covering developed cities and towns. It plans to exceed 1,000 in 2015 Home direct management chain, in 2020 more than 5000 direct management chain ...... Tomorrow, Ashton will become a modern, international large-scale garment industry group! Will be the industry leader in the world pose! Brand introduction Ashton men's wear, using the international advanced private brand apparel retail model-SPA mode, through the brand operation, product planning to production and retail by the company unified control of the integrated mode of operation of the development of brand development, adhering to the "fashion, Value, Variety "marketing philosophy, to provide consumers with a" cost-effective "fashion clothing. And in December 2005 in the same industry in the country launched the first "urban casual men" new concept, to create China's first brand of urban casual men. Ascott Men's brand's core values: confidence, taste, calm; brand positioning: urban casual men's; brand assertive: confident, naturally calm .... At present, the pace of Assett's success is steadily advancing, with plans to exceed 1,000 in 2015 chain stores, more than 5,000 chain stores in 2020 ... Cooperation requirements for agents: Recognition of Aston business philosophy and development model, interested in engaging Apparel retail business, is willing to common development with Aston, in the local have better connections and resources, have enough investment ability. Hope to open up areas: the national market