July 21, 2019

Fluffy ethnic style single product Jingcheng Street to welcome new clothes

On January 12th this site, everyone began to warm up for the prosperous Spring Festival. Beijing, where there is no snowfall, makes people think about the Nordic style of winter. On the streets of Beijing, plush accessories, striped knit patterns with snowflakes, and festive festive atmosphere are all the best fashion preheats before the Lunar New Year.

The woolly bag family's favorite ROXY family has also launched a cute striped woolen bag this year. The bright little flower stripe makes the girl more tender and charming, and the people's mood is also enlivened. The wool texture is especially suitable for winter.

The baseball cap's overwhelming rock-felling rebellious style was originally a cool one, but it made a plush baseball cap wear the highlights of the whole body. This item with Nordic style also made her look more. These are cute and affectionate.

The earmuffs scarf gives the fluffy giant earmuffs to people to find warmth in the cold of Northern Europe. The thick scarf with hairballs and the hairball UGG boots bring innocence to the little girls. The deep and elegant colors reflect the simplicity. style.

The original Nordic style fur nude fur hat with Nordic original style, with elegant long hair with a particularly unrestrained and unrestrained. The large triangular shawl has a typical Nordic snow pattern, and the long tassels give the girl an infinite charm.

Snowflake texture piece alpaca coat is this year's color trend, with noble texture and elegance, two-piece design visually stretched the waistline, as if wearing a two-piece skirt, Nordic style snowflake Textured wool socks bring Christmas celebrations.

The mix of joyful-colored black cotton-padded clothes and boots is low-key and simple, because the joyful color of a pair of wool socks brings out the festive atmosphere of Nordic countries and allows the whole body to dress up and jump up. Snowflake-patterned stockings are particularly suitable for slender girls.

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