January 17, 2021

Pearl jewelry care

Pearl jewelry care Because pearls are dazzling, colorful and expensive, they have been loved by people since ancient times and have always been elegant accessories. Pearl jewelry adds endless style and infinite fun to your life. At the same time, maintenance is a headache. Let us look at how to maintain pearl jewelry!

1, pearl jewelry should not be exposed to sunlight, to avoid ultraviolet radiation, nor with perfume, grease and strong acids, alkalis and other chemical substances in contact to prevent pearl loss of light, fade, damage quality.

2. Strictly avoid contacting pearls with sharp and rough materials (including their particulates), in particular, they must not allow friction, pressure, etc. between them to maintain the perfect shape of pearls.

3, wearing pearls should choose the weather is cool, the body sweat less season, and should not wear rough clothing. When performing strenuous exercise or physical work, it is best to take off pearl accessories.

4, cleaning pearl jewelry, use water or very thin neutral detergent slowly wash, and then wipe with a very soft cloth water, placed in a cool place.

5, when the pearl accessories turn yellow, can be placed in: 1% to 5% of the diluted ** in a little soaking, and its yellow skin is dissolved, that is quickly removed, wiped dry, pearls can reproduce the luster. When not wearing the pearls, they can be stored in a dry box with a soft, clean flannel and kept in a safe place.

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