October 31, 2020

Reasons for good quality of old pit jade

The reason for the good quality of the old pit jade is that many people prefer the old pit jade when purchasing jade jewelry, because in the jade industry, it is generally believed that if a jade is older, its color, moisture, transparency, etc. will Better, it looks tenderer, lighter, and drier than the new pit jade. Is this really the case? Please see the analysis below.

How to distinguish between old pit and new pit? The old pit and the new pit are actually divided according to the years that people discovered and extracted jade. According to the geological point of view, the geological times they formed in the underground are the same.

Old pit emerald

To a certain extent, the old pit jade is better than the new pit jade, the water is more abundant, and the transparency is better. Why? Some geologists give some explanations from the theory of geology.

Some geologists have suggested that the jadeite that is generally better in texture is produced in the place where the river is deposited. The quality of the jade found there is better. Why? Because in the place where there are many river sediments, the jade will harvest enough water, then the color and transparency are very high when it is mined, so the quality of the jade texture and the local area formed by itself There is also a big difference. Geology has given this a good scientific explanation. Because of the jadeite formed on the riverbed, there will always be a flow of water. In this case, the water will take away the impurities and sand that are contained in the process of forming the jade, and so on. And refreshing, then the jadeites left are almost clear, the colors are very bright and green, and the transparency is very high. Some people may say that the reason why jadeite is so distinct on the riverbed is entirely due to the current in the water. The result of the years of soaking, it can be seen that the vividness of the jade is closely related to the erosion of the river. Therefore, the quality of the old jade is much better than the quality of the new jade, which is because of this reason.

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