May 15, 2021

How to identify jade and true and false

How to identify the true and false of jade? Jade identification mainly depends on experience, and sometimes veterans also have to look away. The following small series will share with you how to identify the true and false jade, first introduce the following methods.

How to identify jade and true and false

Water identification method → ​​Put a drop of water on the jade, such as a dew-like shape that will not be scattered for a long time; the water drops will soon disappear is a fake.

Hand touch method → ​​If it is true jade touched by hand, there is a sense of cold lubrication.

Inspection method → ​​point the jade to the light, such as the sun and the light. If the color is clear and the green is evenly distributed, it is true jade.

Tongue method → ​​the tip of the tongue is really jealous; and the fake jade is innocent.

Magnifying glass viewing method → ​​The purchased jade is placed under the magnifying glass to watch, mainly whether there is crack or not. Those without cracks are superior quality jade, and those with cracks are the second. Even if it is true jade, the value of cracks is greatly reduced. The more the cracks are more obvious, the lower the value.

The methods introduced by Xiaobian for everyone are relatively simple and very practical. Through the above introduction, we know how to identify jade.

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