October 31, 2020

International fashion taste to create unparalleled beauty and beauty

Antenna Anatina pleasing rich creative, refined fabrics, superb clothing and craft combined with the perfect tailoring to the Attica women to create unparalleled beauty and charm, like Atiana's women have an international fashion taste, optimism Confident, there is a strong demand for quality.


Houndstooth is the trendy element that will never be outdated. Whether you are in your early thirties, or a mature woman in your thirties, Houndstooth can show your charisma not to be outdone. Large lapel with a warm winter fur collar essential, and then use the black leather belt to break a large area Houndstooth caused visual fatigue, so mature flavor exudes the most vividly.

国际化的时尚品味  缔造无以比拟的美丽和美丽

The long-awaited fur once again return in the winter, and finally can be a woman's luxury dream, buttocks and long fur even more atmospheric atmosphere, but the small incense collarless collar design and shrugs, but not the elegance of a small woman , Soft fur even in the sleeve will not feel the cold.

The Womens Wetsuit Top is more refer to the styles with zippers front. And it always comes in different beautiful pattern colors to distinguish it from Mens Wetsuit Top. The most common thickness should be 2mm, 3mm. And it is flatlock stitching. You can wear it for snorkeling and surfing and swimming. It's not suitable for scuba diving.

Womens Wetsuit Top

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