October 31, 2020

[Winter with] fashion anchor with the trick to teach you to create the trend of women

Women are no longer bound by the sweet lady style. In recent years, women will be domineering exposed, Royal sister Fan full children. Fashion anchor brand women keep up with the development trend of the times, conform to the actual needs of the people, a group of autumn and winter women's series are sunglasses go up, create a mysterious and noble fashion women.

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Dress blue eyes elegant woman's smile, sweet and beautiful smile. Stitching white collar, the overall tone to the warm tone, fresh and natural, gentle atmosphere. Inside is a black and white stitching dress. From the open jacket can be found slender waist, it is charming.

【冬装搭配】时尚主播搭配支招 教你打造潮流女

Double-breasted coat is indispensable for each girl single product. Its simple design, generous layout, self-cultivation cut, so filled the autumn and winter wardrobe. This double-breasted coat with black as the main tune, bronze buttons embellishment adds a bit of retro elements. The overall sense of strong lines, shaping a delicate woman.

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