October 31, 2020

New Year wear what color big red coat with clothes

It is about to end of the year, we can not help but want to go home the mood intensified in the Chinese New Year is home, only a reunion is the New Year. As the New Year approaches, we should also change the color of our New Year's New Clothes. All say good opener. Red is the best lucky day. In the festive season, we also set up two big red Opened clothes now. Next year is the "horse" of the fate of this year, the United States and the United States are the horses have to be more carefully prepared Oh.

容悦 - Loyer.Mod

Compact short jacket with a simple soft, soft and pleasant surprise of the cortex work in style, fabric, color and details of the treatment are the most cutting-edge design process. Layers on both sides of the layers of the decoration is very tension, short section of the jacket is naturally with a long bottoming shirt, where the black lace dress interpretation of the new era of elegance and sophistication.

过年穿什么颜色的衣服 大红色外套搭配

In order to prevent the sudden change of cold air, we should also prepare a suitable cotton clothing, this compact red coat, a kind of cute girl's temperament, like a mother's little cotton jacket, chic little lace pass happy mood. Wine burlap with shorts, is their most unique aesthetic and life attitude.

Photo credit: Joy Yue - Loyer.Mod women's clothing

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