November 25, 2020

Cai Ting underwear brand briefs underwear cleaning knowledge

1, the most clean hand-washing underwear?

Underwear by hand wash is indeed relatively clean, but the disadvantage of hand washing is often not clean detergent, wash can not be completely wrung. In fact, as long as the panties to grasp a simple principle: "wash clean, clean", as to how you wash, with what kind of detergent, in fact, does not matter.

2, how to choose detergent?

Able to foaming detergent can destroy the protein. As menstrual blood stains underwear how to clean? Chen said that just stained with cold water washed, mostly washed away, but if the blood stains have been dry and hard, you can use sterile wounds of hydrogen peroxide in the above blood stains can be effectively decomposed.

3, pads and disposable underwear is the cleanest choice, because you can change every day?

Pad is a small amount of menstrual blood used, usually not recommended, because the pad will make the private parts airtight. Disposable underwear is not easy to use when changing, because it is impossible to determine what material is used, and after bleaching, not necessarily safe.

4, living in apartments, underwear sun can not be how to do?

UV is the best natural disinfection system, if possible, or make personal clothing drying in the sun, if you really have no chance, it is recommended to deal with high temperatures, for example, iron ironing, dryer drying, or blow with a hair dryer , Let it not boom. Chen reminds, underwear is not suitable for hanging in the bathroom.

5, essential oils, bleach, hot water can effectively sterilization?

Essential oils do have some unique properties, but only the top of the panties have the fragrance function. Cleaning with bleach does have a bactericidal effect can also remove yellow stains, but bleach chloride irritation, pay attention to the residue. If you really want to clean, you can boiled for 15 minutes.

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