June 19, 2021

Non-sparkling brand discount Women: the same brand and quality, the lowest sales

Apparel is always accompanied by everyone with each day, the changing seasons and changes in the trend, bringing a lot of clothing consumption, but also led to fashion styles and fashion updates! Non-sparkling ladies to a variety of famous collection, so that consumers have plenty of choice, the same brand, the same quality, the lowest sales, the fundamental change in the consumer's purchase direction.


Non-Shirong clothing joint nearly 200 brand apparel to enter the Chinese market, rich product resources, international market operation mode, mature business strategy and perfect service system for those who are interested in running apparel both inside and outside to provide a new venture platform. Opportunity stems from the timing, achievements from the vision, please fully understand the concept of Accor clothing discount store, the higher the degree of identity more easily succeed, spend more time to understand more than a few


The pros and cons of the company. As China's most complete brand apparel discount sales platform, give you business confidence, give you a reason for success.
Non-sparkling discount women grasp the pulse of today's fashion, the integration of Eastern and Western cultures promote the brand's professional management mode, with experienced management team. Discount women directly to the terminal retail stores, greatly reducing the cost of intermediate consumption. At the same time, we also provide excellent services to our collaborators so as to ensure the orderly operation of our business and win-win results. Hangzhou non-sparkling brand discount women look forward to working with people with lofty ideals Go hand in hand for a better future!

Weaving Basket :

Weaving basket are purely weaved by handmade with the natural raw material, such as the bamboo chip, wood chip, sea grass ,water hyacinth , awn and fern.

The main feature of the weaving basket is exquisite workmanship and long durability.

For the exquisite workmanship,it can be used as Christmas Basket and festival decoration.

For the long durability, it can be used as Storage Basket and laundry basket.

Size and shape description:  We have our own factory  and design department ,we can do any size and shape according to 

customer's demand.

weaving cornucopia

festival decoration

laundry basket

If you have any interest with our products, please feel freely to contact with us. All our Jinliang staffs sincerely welcome you visit our factory and office. For inquiry, please send mail directly to us.


Weaving Basket

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