June 19, 2021

JUMEL (Ruimai) brand women pay attention to themselves, treat yourself

JUMEL (Ruimai) women's clothing , pay attention to themselves, treat yourself. . The "JUMEL" design team, chaired by the senior French designer, pursues the combination of creativity and classics, design and practicality, values ​​quality, and products without losing their youth, insists on creating a kind of introverted and elegant style. JUMEL believes consistent perseverance can achieve their eternal and elegant dreams in the lives of modern urban women.

芮玛 - JUMEL

JUMEL (Ruma) has always been in the city with a slightly traditional, sensitive but not too strong, respect for tradition and no lack of fun image shows people, a lasting interpretation of the modern urban women elegant introverted, independent personality. Slender beauty of the corridor shape, sophisticated details of the deal, with the soft colors, to show the luxury of luxury, unspoken sexy naive vitality, to find a unique and balanced beauty, JUMEL design team is always the same direction .

JUMEL(芮玛)品牌女装 关注自己,善待自己

Based on life, based on the city, based on the modern women, JUMEL (Ruma) hopes to be positive, simple and comfortable life philosophy, low-key way into the urban fashion women in every life scene, so that life Each different character is equally elegant and excellent!

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