June 20, 2021

My little princess and the little prince Mi Xi Di fashion tide child

My Little Princess & Prince Tide is a more independent fashion attitude is the parents of his / her future expectations. Parents with the best vision of children, create, change, re-experience the wonderful growth. ME & CITY KIDS Mi Xi Di children's clothing based on children's clothing to create China's first wave of children's brand, through the "Mi Xi Di Chao Tong contest" activities, together with their parents, training, mining children's self-fashion attitude and custom for a tide of children's growth Fashion memory. The current "2012 米 喜 迪 潮 潮 童赛" is divided into Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Wuhan, five major network area. After 5,6,7 three months of layers of selection, resulting in a select number of 21 players to enter the finals. For these 21 finals, Mitzi Di arranged for them a full 10-day training, tailored from the dress, modeling, filming, talent and other aspects based on the characteristics of each player to create a star style and a new style. As you can see from the large-scale large-scale finals, the theme of My Little Princess & Prince runs through. The girls wear simple and elegant dresses of the Mi Xi Di white line. The performances of forests, oceans and the cities , Rock, fairy tale and other different styles of princess role. Boys wear Mitchell's dark, exquisite shirt with their own personality full of prince, rock star, humorous master, dynamic dancer vivid image. Mi Di Di "personality of the new aristocracy," the perfect embodiment of the spirit.

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