June 19, 2021

How do companies develop interactive strategies to expand their reach?

[China Glass Network] recently maintained the company's official Weibo, encountered an unexpected situation. An occasional opportunity to put the words of a certain industry celebrity on it, and @了他, I did not expect that he forwarded, followed by the rapid increase in the forwarding volume of Weibo, which was unmatched by the previous Weibo. of. After that, I tried it several times using this method and found that the effect was remarkable. This made me suddenly think of the management master Peter Drucker's content about the unexpected success in the spirit of innovation, and this accident is indeed an unexpected success for us. This is further extended to the microblogging marketing level to analyze, it becomes a microblogging marketing, how to develop an interactive strategy to expand the scope of communication and enhance its influence.

Who interacts with

To interact, first we need to find the people we want to interact with, that is, who we want to interact with. Because our goal is to expand the scope of communication and enhance our influence, the interactive group can be positioned as a type of person with strong influence in certain fields, such as celebrities and industry leaders. They often have a large number of loyal fans and speak to them. Will also actively forward.

But one of the key issues to be aware of is that its value proposition needs to be highly consistent with the value of the interactive group. For example, if it is a management microblog that reflects professionalism, then its interactive group should be Celebrities such as corporate executives and industry consultants in the management category, and should not be actors, fashionistas and other groups. In addition, it is also important to note that the selected interactive group is a person who is willing to share and is willing to communicate with others. Otherwise, the interaction is likely to become a wishful thinking.

What is interactive?

The interactive content directly affects whether the interactive group can interact with itself and has an important impact on the subsequent communication. Therefore, special attention should be paid when designing the interactive content. Generally speaking, every celebrity or expert will have certain hobbies and research directions, so the interactive content can be used as the basis. The content is better than their original words, and it is a hot topic nowadays. It will be great. If they don't have their original material, they can interact with the hot topics they care about.

One of the questions involved is how to know their hobbies and research directions? The author thinks that you can find out through several ways: First, their career direction. For example, many influential people will be authenticated on Weibo, we can accurately understand their professional background, and by observing their Weibo label and the people concerned, they can get a general idea of ​​where their concerns are; Weibo content. Observe what they often post on Weibo, and also get an idea of ​​their hobbies and opinions on certain things. Third, related blogs or columns. Ordinary celebrities or experts will have their own blogs or columns. By reading what they write, we can see their concerns and research directions.

How to interact

With the establishment of interactive content, we must think about the form of interaction. Under normal circumstances, you can interact in the following ways: First, quote the original words, and @TA; Second, forward the microblog of TA and join their own views in order to form an interactive discussion; Third, release the relevant microblogging, and @TA . This content requirements are relatively high, and need to be highly consistent with the core values ​​of TA; Fourth, forward other people's Weibo, join their own views, and @TA, the same content requirements are also higher, and the forwarding of Weibo is also better From influential people.

In addition to the above three aspects, you need to pay attention to the time of interaction and the frequency of interaction. What time interaction can refer to the general rule of their Weibo release time. Because the information of strong influencers is generally more, if the time is misplaced, the interactive information is likely to be overwhelmed by a large amount of other information. Regarding the frequency of interaction, it is generally 1-2 times a week. One of the things to be reminded is that you can plan a certain number of interactive groups, such as 50, and then plan the corresponding interactive frequency distribution map to ensure the continuity of interaction. Sex.

In general, Weibo is one of the hottest media in the world. It is valued by more and more companies and plays an increasingly important role in the marketing system. But what needs to be seen is that Weibo marketing is also a challenge and an opportunity. For the marketer, the key to winning a broad sky depends on the level of refinement of the work.

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