October 31, 2020

Hyun color era - Japan and South Korea autumn and winter elements of women's release plan

When we are still in fashion and colorful summer fashion, fashionable people have already started the autumn and winter trends, in the upcoming autumn and winter will continue some of the popular elements of spring and summer, but there will be a good part to be eliminated. Korean women's wear brand MS is a very strong clothing brand . It has become a unique Korean women's wear brand in many leisure brands in China within a short period of time. Its brand charm is like its taste forever with young vitality. South Korea's Cosmic Star Group's capital investment, the company's reorganization, the young team spirit of cooperation, it will be steady and rapid development and expansion.
This autumn and winter clothing contains a little Grunge (a fashion associated with rock and roll, such as loose clothes, worn jeans, etc.) and Gothic style, but it has not been over-rendered; make the simplicity of a little more uninhibited means . And each single product with the flexibility and fashion did not diminish the degree. From here we can see the recently popular wide-leg pants in sensual fabrics, a fringed Slim-fit midfielder, an uniformed leather jacket, a soft cloak coat, and casual sweaters and sweaters.
This autumn and winter, honey west is launched nine major themes to meet the ever-changing market demand:
Theme 1: Beautiful Bohemian Theme 2: Military Academy Theme 3: Minimalism Theme 4: Prehistoric Civilization Theme 5: Fifties Theme 6: Electronic Warfare Theme 7: Alps Theme 8: Mixed Gender Theme 9 : Wild woodland quietly looking forward to a quiet warm winter coming! Mousya women give you a reason to wait! ! !
Elegant lady dress is very popular, but in the eyes of the designer is not suitable for everyone. As a result, a number of clothing to show freedom and art style was born in this season, slightly to meet the dream of some women want to be a smart lady. These creative costumes, presumably will let the modern urban girl free and easy personality at first sight.

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