October 31, 2020

Mi cool children's wear, classic fairy tale life

Shenzhen, according to Jin Garments Co., Ltd., is a brand of children's clothing company, founded in 2004, is committed to the cause of healthy development of children by Kam costumes, is set costume design, development, production, sales and after-sales service as one of the specialized clothing company . Integrity-based company, depending on the quality of life and the principle of mutual benefit, win-win goal, to serve as customer service as our business purpose. Now in China to obtain intellectual property. Over the years, the company of leading fashion, excellent quality of the purpose of using the Shenzhen information gathering capital, grasp the trends in the world of children's clothing. Companies to colorful, fashion, high quality, reasonable price and favored by all consumers and support. Mi Queer "using natural cotton, hemp fabric. Companies to implement international, high-level production and management model. And has a professional design, production and sales staff. Every aspect of every effort must be meticulous and meticulous. The "Mega Queer" Children's Wear Target customers are locked in the city of 3-16 year-old urban children, and pay attention to wearing comfort, warmth and aesthetic taste, to provide a wide range of product line, for free with the combination of. (Miqqo) brand, mainly engaged in mid-range 3-year-old 15-year-old boys and girls costumes, respectively, spring, summer, autumn and winter four quarters, each quarter have hundreds of styles into the north and south markets in China to meet different age groups And the different seasons dress needs, the modern fashion elements and comfortable clothing concept fully soluble in style, fabrics and colors, a new generation of children's clothing industry aircraft carrier.

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