October 31, 2020

High light color fastness aids high end interior

Guest Professor Professor Chen Weiguo, Ph.D. Supervisor, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology With the rapid growth of China's auto production capacity and retention, the demand for interior decorative textiles in the automotive industry is constantly growing, and the demand for such textile quality is also rising. However, as a prominent indicator of automotive interior decorative textiles, the lightfastness to light, has become a threshold for China's auto textile manufacturers to participate in international competition.

Whether it is to ensure the profitability and long-term development of enterprises, or to enhance the international competitiveness of China's automotive textiles, dyes and additives manufacturers should, and have been actively developing high fastness color fastness disperse dyes and light fastness enhancers. research work. Dr. Chen Weiguo, a doctoral supervisor of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, introduced the content of high-lightfastness color fastness polyester automotive interior textile processing technology to reporters.

Mainly used for polyester automotive interior host: How is the use of China's automotive interior textiles? What are the requirements for its lightfastness?

Chen Weiguo: According to China's annual production of 13 million vehicles, each vehicle consumes an average of 15-20 kg of textiles, and the annual consumption of automotive textiles will exceed 200,000 tons. In terms of performance, we have requirements for light fastness, fiber strength, antistatic, and flame retardancy of automotive interior textiles, among which high light fastness is a prominent requirement.

For the performance of automotive interior decorative textiles, relevant testing standards are: ASTM (American Materials and Test Association) - Physical Performance Testing; AATCC (American Association of Chemical Workers) - Chemical Performance Testing; SAE (American Society of Automotive Engineers) - Testing of automotive parts covering textiles.

Moderator: Why does polyester high lightfastness color fastness improve additive solve photobleaching problems? What are the active ingredients of common additives?

Chen Weiguo: Here are a few concepts to introduce first. The light fastness of textiles is determined not only by the lightfastness of the dyes, but also by the photodegradation properties of the fibers. Dyes on fabrics may undergo photoisomerization reactions and photo-oxidation-reduction reactions.

The photofading mechanism of the dye can be caused by the photosensitizing agent that is excited by the photosensitizer to triplet state and triplet state, and the oxygen reacts to generate single oxygen, and then the singlet oxygen reacts with the dye to cause the dye to fade; or it can be The dye inside the polyester fabric fades due to a reduction reaction.

Similarly, polyester polymer materials are subject to light degradation, and their degradation products contribute to the fading of dyes. In short, the main reason for the fading of dyes is caused by the higher energy of ultraviolet rays in sunlight.

Therefore, it is an effective way to improve the light fastness of polyester textiles by making use of UV absorbers that can strongly absorb UV light and have a high dye uptake rate for polyester textiles to make stable additives.

Current organic ultraviolet absorbers are benzophenones, benzotriazoles and triazines. Among them, a benzotriazole-based ultraviolet absorber is dominant, and a triazine-based ultraviolet absorber has a relatively high molar absorption intensity.

In addition, dye chemists at home and abroad introduce UV absorbing fragments into the molecular structure of disperse dyes, which can also improve the light fastness of dyes.

Mainly used for polyester automotive interior host: How does the light fastness improver apply to polyester automotive interior textiles? What role does it play in improving the light stability of dyes and fibers?

Chen Weiguo: The vast majority of automotive textiles are made of pure polyester fibers. Polyester automotive upholstery textiles are indispensable for the use of high light fastness disperse dyes, and must also have high-friction color fastness and other properties.

At present, dyeing and dyeing enterprises at home and abroad have introduced some special disperse dyes for polyester automotive interior fabrics.

However, even the special high-lightfast disperse dyes often do not meet the high lightfastness requirements for polyester automotive textiles, and they also need to be matched with efficient light fastness improvers. For example, Cibafast P New and our developed colorfastness improver can bathe and dye polyester automotive upholstery textiles with disperse dyes to increase the lightfastness of dyed polyester automotive textiles.

Moderator: Is the color fastness of high light fastness greater than that of common additives? What is its scope of use and use prospects?

Chen Weiguo: Compared with common dyeing auxiliaries, polyester high light fastness auxiliaries have higher prices, but because they themselves increase the added value of the products, the higher prices are still worthwhile, especially as a high-end model. Decorative fabrics, its application prospects are very impressive.

In the cooperation with printing and dyeing auxiliaries, the application value of the color fastness improver for polyester has been reflected, and it is believed that the range of applications for it will be wider and wider.

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