October 31, 2020

Top 10 reasons and solutions for affecting website inclusion

[China Glass Network] There are too many reasons for affecting the number of search engines. There are dozens of them, and the common reasons are listed. Please see below:
1. Website specifications
Reason: There are too many titles and keywords (KeyWords). Some webmasters like to put search-related keywords in it. It is useless to put 10,000. There is also a description that is unreasonable if you are New station, this useful, to set up.
Solution: Leave three or four keywords in the title enough. Too many googles don't like it. It is recommended to set the page theme + topic name + website name. As for the keyword, you add it, but at least the page should be related. Content. The description is very simple. As long as the language is fluent, make a rough summary of the page. Two or three keywords will suffice.
2, website quality
Reason: The content is almost all collected, and it is a very popular article. Google will suddenly record you thousands of pages, but after google is included, it will be retrieved within a certain period of time. If your content has no value, it will be discarded. .
Solution: After the collection, modify it a little and then release it. Don't be too lazy, you can do it, simply browse the article, change the paragraph or part of the content, at least a little different from others. The original one is better, in addition The page leaves a copyright information. If you reprint it, you can leave it. - Article finishing: XXX website http:XXXXXX
3. Website cheating.
Reasons: such as stacking keywords, implicit text, etc. If this happens, Google will already include you, don't be glad that you are eclipsed, because it will be slowly removed when updating. Second-level domain and blog cross connection.
Solution: Needless to say, let's quickly modify your page! In addition, the second-level domain name should not be used excessively. The blog cross-connection is useless now, leaving one or two connections inside, and more.
4, website link
Reason: The website lacks external connections, or the external connection is gradually reduced. The importance of google to your station will of course be reduced, and the content will be slowly reduced. The quality of the connection is very important. The garbage connection is better! In addition, check your page. If there is a connection pointing to the blocked station, google will treat you as a helper.
Solution: Check the external connection of the website, if you have less, then go to the exchange, or go to some big stations to send a post that can attract other people's interest, leaving the connection. The more people reply, the better the effect. If there is a connection point in the station Sealed station, delete as soon as possible.
5, website space
Reason: The website space is unstable, can't open the website, google can't catch the trust information after two consecutive updates, then you must be cleaned from the database, because google thinks your station is closed, or the related page does not exist. One more thing is that you have cheat sites on your IP multiple times, and you are unlucky.
Solution: Pay attention when buying space, find a good reputation IDC. Don't just be cheap, if you have problems often, don't say google, netizens can't bear it. After all, your station will not attract google attention. In addition, when buying space Check the site on the virtual host IP, and the inclusion status, as well as the number of closed sites.
6, the website revision
Reason: The website has not been modified, it has been submitted to google, and there is a big change, big update, today, tomorrow. Classification and title exchange for. Sometimes there are tests, or other content not related to the website.
Solution: Position it well, do what you want to stand up. You can add new classifications and content. Old content is better not to be deleted indiscriminately. If you change the space, it is better to change in advance. Guaranteed for a period of time before Space content continues to exist, just in case.
7, website security
Reason: If you add malicious code to your site or deliberately hang your horse, google can analyze it. It will reduce your trust. It is also used by small hackers to invade, modify or delete most pages.
Solution: Regular backup, problems are solved in time. General google updates are hardworking at night. There are not many updates to the personal station every day. If it is not normal, it should be avoided immediately.
8, website optimization
Reason: There is a certain understanding of SEO, deliberate modification, website making, over-optimization, although there is no obvious cheating, but there is no value at all. Although the traffic can be obtained through google, after all, the website is made available to others for browsing. If you turn back too low, it won't work. Google doesn't always advocate the so-called user experience.
Solution: Don't over-optimize, the essence of SEO is to serve the search engine, not to deceive. Everything is grasped. For example, if a keyword on your page is bolded once, google knows that it is the focus, but you put all the relevant The keywords are bold, what does google think? ? ? !!!
9, the website is unlucky
Reason: Maybe you are unlucky, encountering a big Google update or an algorithm change, there will be a lot of sites with a reduction in the collection or by K. Just your station is taken by Google.
Solution: There is no good way. Only slowly wait for google to re-include. If you are an SEO expert, you can also think of a newer algorithm to share with you as soon as possible.
10, the website is closed
Reason: Your site has been closed, but Google has a lot of relevant information. Forums are more common.
Solution: This need not be said in detail!
Based on the above various reasons, combined with the analysis of their own websites, it is clear that several suggestions should be strengthened:
Clean up the front page, a large amount of information, or a highly similar page;
Second, establish a sitemap of the entire site and submit it to Goolge;
Third, increase the construction of the inner chain, strong internal chain support is an important prerequisite for the unimpeded flow of search engine spiders!

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