September 20, 2021

How about Swarovski crystal?

How about Swarovski crystal? In recent years, crystals have been used in fine arts, jewelry, clothing, lighting, etc., and one of the leading brands in these industries is SWAROVSKI from Austria.

Why does Swarovski have such a position? Because Swarovski is the first company to cut artificial crystal machines, it has been in history for hundreds of years and is the largest and most famous company in Austria. It has always been creative, technical and quality. Seek progress and progress. Swarovski's business originates from a wealth of natural elements.

Para Aramid Filament

Flame resistance: high temperature resistance of up to 370 °C, does not melt and is self-extinguishing.

High tenacity: Stronger than steel, para-aramid is a high tenacity, high modulus fibre.

High retained strength after heat ageing at elevated tempature.

Cut resistance: Excellent cut and slash resistance. Aramid thread has outstanding strength for protective apparel providing aptimum cut puncture resistance.

Good textile properties: Low elongation and unique spinning capability give excellent textile-like properties and good sewing performance.

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